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    A wave never to forget

    Jayjay Santiago
    Jayjay Santiago
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    A wave never to forget Empty A wave never to forget

    Post  Jayjay Santiago on Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:21 pm

    As the proud daughter of Athena walked along poseidons beach she was at peace walking in the salty air letting the water reach her feet and only waiting to see the sun set on the summery afternoon. as she watches the sun sitting on the water like a giant ball of warmth and joy but she knew it would be a while so she sat on one of the dunes near the clifs and watched as the sun grew ever closly to disappearing out of the watchfulness of her eyes.

    And as she sat there she grew what she thought was homesickness but as she thought of home she just kept on telling herslef one thing this is my home nowbut it didn't help the fact that she was alone and as tears were forming she heard a loud comforting screech of her owl starlight over the sandy dunes of poseidons beach and that is what kept her from being so lonly but it wasnt for pleasure but he brought a note from a girl back at the cabins chloe.

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    Alex Jones
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    A wave never to forget Empty Re: A wave never to forget

    Post  Alex Jones on Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:25 am

    Practicing Parkour, Alex got on his pegasus. Ok, dont get scared, Parkour and Karate are with adrenaline. Alex took his dagger. He flew over the beach. "Lets start with land, buddy." He said his pegasus. Alex flew over the beach. He backflipped off the pegasus. Luckly, he wasnt that high off the ground. He landed it but his feet stung a bit. Alex started sent his steed to the stables and handed him a carrot.

    He walked to the beach. He saw a girl. He'd seen her before. "Jayjay, right?" Alex said.

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