Welcome to Mount Olympus, just recently the gods have decided to train some of their children up here, and you are one of them.

Character sheet from Zia

Iris can look anyway she wants but she likes to look like a girl with orange hair and rainbow highlights. She looks 11-16 but likes to look 12ish. She wears colorful clothes. She has been called a hippie but that will be talked about later. But that doesn't happen a lot. Anyways,she also has a sence of style. But don't tell Aphrodite.
Iris is a goddess. She has many kids and visits them whenever possible. And about the hippie part, whoever calls her a hippie has pink hair in the morning. Her mother and father is Thaumas and Elektra and she has a sister named Arce.
Iris is usually the nice goddess. There are time she gets angry, but it doesn't happen often. She has a colorful personalty. Which is good for a color goddess. She is bubbly and lots of fun.
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