Welcome to Mount Olympus, just recently the gods have decided to train some of their children up here, and you are one of them.

Character sheet from Carly Stewart

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Carly has shoulder length dirty-blond hair. Her hair gets lighter in the summer, but gets a bit darker during the winter. She has bright blue eyes and an athletic build. She's very pretty demigod, but really doesn't care all that much. She has some thin scars from monster attacks.
Carly has gone through a lot. Her dad was never mean to her, but didn't pay that much attention to her. At age 5, she started seeing shadows in strange places. She found out that she was seeing monsters. The people at her school said that it was probably Carly's ADHD, though she didn't understand how that tied together. When she was 10, she found out that the reason why she was the only person in her class who couldn't read correctly was because she had dyslexia. It stressed her out a lot and made things harder. At age 12, Carly was actually attacked by a huge monster who gave her scars. Her dad took her to this camp, and Carly's been there ever since.
Carly is a caring friend. She's a good listener and is very loyal. Although, when it comes to common sense, she doesn't always use it right away. Carly can be annoying at times, and is annoyed easily. She gets worried easily as well. Carly would never hold a grudge, even if it was understandable. Overall, Carly is someone who would be described as a nice, kind person.
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