Welcome to Mount Olympus, just recently the gods have decided to train some of their children up here, and you are one of them.

    Any help? ((Open))

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    Any help? ((Open)) Empty Any help? ((Open))

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    Alexander was on the elevator, going up. As the doors opened, what he saw almost made him laugh out with joy. It was true, Olympus was ontop of the building, or above it anyway. He looked to see clouds, instead of a solid floor. Clouds! As in air and water, two things that humans or demigods couldn't walk on! Was it only made for gods, he thought for a second sadly. Was this the end of his journey? He poked the cloud with is foot, and to his surprise his foot didn't sink right though. With that, he put more and more pressure on it until his whole body weight was on his foot. He didn't waste any time, not putting much faith in the clouds... or floor. He ran, until his feet hit stone. It all looked hand carved, or it sort of did. In front of him was what could only be described as a rainbow. But it seemed to be connecting the walk way, that was separated by a huge gap. He figure since the clouds were solid than the rainbow would be, as odd as that was. He ran across that as well, he was starting to think the gods just went out of there way to get odd things to walk on. Though he tried to keep it at bay, the excitement of being here was starting to show. He arrived, and soon began to explore. No one seemed to be there at the time, so he showed himself around.

    He didn't try to be sneaky, that would look like he didn't belong or guilty of something. The last thing he wanted a god to blow him up because he was sneaking around what was supposed to be his new home. A smile was plastered to his face, and it kept growing as he explored. He saw weapons of all kind, he messed with a few but after he tripped and a sword almost landed on him Alexander cleaned up, than he left. He saw cabin house.. looking things, they were all different shapes and sizes. Some even glowed, and he was convinced that they were made of gold? He soon found himself in a room with twelve huge thrones, and a dozen or more thrones that weren't as impressive. He stood in the center, and looked around. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine what has happened in this very room. He calmed his nerves and just thought. His imagination wondered from thoughts of the gods in there throne room, to heroes such as Hercules and Perseus. Though he was sad they had died, he wished he could meet his cousins. What he didn't know, was that a one Percy Jackson had stood right where he had. After just saving the whole world, and destroying the Titans.

    He knew his life would forever be in danger, but that was why he came here. To train, if he was prepared maybe he would be able to live a normal life. He didn't plan to live in Olympus forever. He wanted a normal life, but for now he was going to live with the gods. Live his own adventure, almost no one in history could say they lived with the Greek gods. That was when he heard something behind him, he quickly ran and dove under a throne. Hitting the stone, didn't make a sound but it sure hurt to land on! Alexander poked his head out. He wasn't even sure he was supposed to be here, maybe you could be killed by the gods by trespassing? He hid, but when he only saw a demigod perhaps. He walked out, "hello there." He had been expecting a fifteen foot giant, these thrones had to be built to the gods size right? "Sorry to just pop out, i'm new here and all." He gave a nervious chuckle, "ya well umm names Alexander, Alexander Hooks, and what would your be?" He wanted to know all about this place, a conversation with someone who knew the lay out and the don'ts would be very helpful to someone in his position.

    "Yaa hey I just got here, are there any rules or places that are off limits? Like say... here?" He had no idea so just checking would be a smart thing to do. Being blasted off Olympus by a lightning bolt was something that wasn't high on his to do list. "Hey if you could give me a once over on what to and not to do, or where and where not to go. That'd be great... you still haven't given me your name." He wasn't liking the way this was going, so he shut his mouth and waited for the other person to say something. Anything! He coughed, and looked back around the throne room. He could tell the biggest one was Zeus' the next Hera's. He went though the name of the Greek gods and tried to match them up with the Thrones, it was harder than it sounded. Alexander had almost no knowledge of the Greek gods, the Romans.. a bit more than that. He looked back to the person who had walked in, waiting for them to say something.

    ((sorry it's a bit suck-ish.))

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