Welcome to Mount Olympus, just recently the gods have decided to train some of their children up here, and you are one of them.

    Staying Strong((Not short RPers and no more than two others))

    Olivia Locke

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    Staying Strong((Not short RPers and no more than two others)) Empty Staying Strong((Not short RPers and no more than two others))

    Post  Olivia Locke on Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:54 pm

    Olivia was in her home. . . or as class to a home as she had now. She'd been on Moutn Olympus for a few months, staying in the Hermes Cabin, she hadn't been claimed, she wasn't even sure if her God parent was a God or Goddess. All she knew is that she wasn't completely human and that her life would always be on the line because of that. She knew now why she was so sheltered. Her aunt had known. . . was she really her aunt? Is that why she disappeared? To let Olivia know that she was to come here? Was her "aunt" still alive? Was she killed by the beast that kidnapped her? She would never know. . . she knew she wouldn't. Like she would never meet her mortal parent and she wasn't okay with that. She knew that her mortal parent was probably dead now and she never would get to meet them. She sometimes teared up at the thought of this and hated the feeling of being so weak. She was not a weak girl. . . she wasn't raised that way.

    The Hermes Cabin was mostly empty on Olympus, though, so when she did cry she could hide it from everyone easily if she just stayed quiet. No one expected her to be strong but herself, and people knew her story, she knew they would let her cry if she wanted to. But she wanted to be strong for herself. She wanted no one to know how weak she really could be. But then again, she could use a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold. She'd lost all her friend when coming to the camp and she had never had a boyfriend so she felt so alone here.

    She knew she'd have no problem finding a boyfriend if she decided she wanted one. At her mortal school boys were always there if she wanted a date. Some guys had learned to back off and accept that she wasn't allowed to date, but most were persistent and asked her out constantly to this
    dance or that school function or this restaurant. It got annoying. Finding friends was her problem, yeah, she had a lot at school. She could have easily been considered popular but she hated that term. She just considered herself a friendly person.

    At the camp here on Olympus, Olivia felt kind of an outcast. She didn't know anyone and nobody knew her. It felt lik Kindergarten all over again. Weird and awkward. She didn't know where to begin with making friends when she was all alone. It had been over 10 years since she had done it.

    Most of her time she spent in the cabin or in the area behind the cabins since they were usually away from people and she also spent a good amount of time training in the arena on the dummies. She loved a sword in her hand, it felt so right. It must have been the God inside of her telling her that because she used to hate violence until she got to camp.

    At the current moment, Olivia lay in her bunk as it was early morning, listening to her Zune. She had managed to put it in her backpack before she had left looking for her aunt and Shamrock had recovered her pack when he rescued her.

    During a transition between songs, she heard a noise in the silence. The door to the cabin had squeaked open. She figured it was one of the other members of her cabin coming back from breakfast so she called out a nonchalant "Hello." to who she figured was someone she knew. She hadn't seen the person. . . thing. . . yet since she couldn't see the door from her bunk, but she was pretty sure there was nothing bad going to come from a door opening.

    When she didn't get a response she called out another "Hello?" adding a questionable inflection to it this time and awaited a response.

    ((Added bonus about this RP "Number of words: 666" Foreshadowing since it's my first RP as Olivia? XD I dunno.))
    Amara Roldi
    Amara Roldi
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    Staying Strong((Not short RPers and no more than two others)) Empty Re: Staying Strong((Not short RPers and no more than two others))

    Post  Amara Roldi on Tue Feb 08, 2011 4:16 pm

    Sleep wouldn't come. Amara tossed and she turned all night, but not once did she drift off. She didn't exactly know when it was morning or when it would have been appropriate to get up for the day, so she just lay there. It was different, sleeping in the Poseidon cabin. She was the only one there so it was lonely. It felt empty. The only things in the cabin was sand, some beds, a fountain, and her. Even if there was a crab or two lurking in the sand (which she highly doubted) it wouldn't be the same as the few people who lived in the Hermes cabin. At least then she could hear their breathing and know that she wasn't the only thing alive in there.

    Turned towards the wall, Amara could start to see Apollo light reflecting off the cabin wall and assumed that it would now be an appropriate time to get up. When she turned to the other side of her bed and rose to her feet while rubbing her eyes. Peering around the room as best she could with tired eyes, she didn't see her dress. Most of the time it was on a stuffed mannequinne in front of her bed so she couldn't miss it. When she was in the Hermes cabin, the kids already awake would stare at it. At least, that's what happened the first few times. Now though, she couldn't find it.

    Then Amara resorted to looking under the beds. She was surprised to see a clear plasitc container under her bed containing her dress. After reaching for the bag, she grabbed it and unzipped it to reveal what she would wear that day. It was another reason to be grateful to her father all the time. He always sent her beautiful clothes to wear, even though they disappeared after the day was done. Slipping into the dress, she slipped once and a loud thud was probably audible in the next cabin over. Once she was dressed, she slipped outside.

    Part of Amara wanted her to go to some form of water so she could play around with what little powers she had so far. Three-fourths of her though, wanted to go to the Hermes cabin. Just a small visit to thank (she supposed) the place that housed her for over a year. She also wanted to see if any of the other kids in the Hermes cabin from before the camp Demigod kids came. It would be interesting to see if them coming to Olympus triggered something and made their parents claim them.

    Knocking, that was what Amara forgot to do. It just didn't feel right to knock on the door of her past home. She used to walk in and out freely, but now it was not her home. Instead, she let the door creak open to reveal part of the room. It seemed that nobody was there. They were probably all out at breakfast already. Just as she was about to close the door and head off to the dining pavillion herself, there was a hello. It came from a voice she somewhat recognized aswell!

    At that hello, Amara stepped into the room and looked around. There on her bunk was Olivia, someone who had arrived a few months ago. She wasn't an old timer like one or two of the other kids, but she was better than no one. Running over to the girl's bunk, she probably startled her. The feel of her bare toes touching the wood was the feeling of returning home.

    "Olivia! It's Amara! I was claimed yesterday by Poseidon!" Amara burst out. She had wanted to tell someone that she had been claimed rather than have everyone come up to her and be in shock. She grabbed onto the sides of her dress to try and restrain her excitement. The two girls hadn't been the best of friends, but the kids on Olympus had to stick together because they were all eachother had for the most part. The kids that came to Olympus usually didn't have a mortal parent or anyone to return to. You didn't really leave Olympus.

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