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    Meeting Demigods (One DEMIGOD)


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    Meeting Demigods (One DEMIGOD) Empty Meeting Demigods (One DEMIGOD)

    Post  Zia on Mon Feb 07, 2011 10:16 pm

    Zia sat at the edge of the water. Her white dress was all around her. Her light blue eyes stood out in the light of the bright sun. She looked to the water. She got up and jumped into the water. There was a wall of white bubbles tickling her face

    When the bubbles cleared she saw the wonderful underwater world. Billions of fish darted around her. Reeds covered the smaller, timid fish. She swam over to a rock and sat down. "Gil! Come here!" she shouted. There was a patch of white bubbles and her friend Gil appeared. Hi, Zia! Gil greeted "Hi, Gil! How's life?" Gil blushed I found a girlfriend... "Awww! Thats cool Gil!" I was going to meet her.. "Oh!" Zia said "Then go! Go! I'll be fine!" Gil nodded and dissappered in white bubbles. Zia smiled.. Love. What she wanted the most. She looked up and saw someone looking down into the water. She swam up. Her white dress acted like it was part of the water. She popped her head out of the water. "Hi! I'm Zia!" she said.

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