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    Stumbling upon,.. home? ((Open))

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    Stumbling upon,.. home? ((Open)) Empty Stumbling upon,.. home? ((Open))

    Post  Lei Willas on Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:37 pm

    Lei had a tight knot in the pit of her stomach. It made her feel like she were going to throw up, but she wasn't, she wouldn't let herself. Yet at least.
    She stood in place, looking as if she were frozen there. Her gaze swept over the area, noticing cabins, alot of them too. She had always thought that camps only had five or six cabins, not... she couldn't see them all to count but she could tell there was a ton. She could also see that she wasn't the only one here. That thought alone made her feel better. But only slightly. There looked to be alot of kids here too, of all ages. That also made the knot in her stomach loosen up. She had been afraid that she'd be the youngest here... she didn't know if she was but the some kids looked to be around her age.

    All of this made her so confused though.

    The woman she had been travelling with for the past week had simply dropped her off with some short instructions on what to do next. Then left without another word. She had hoped that the woman would stay but, guess not. And now she wasn't sure what to do. She barely knew anything about here. The woman had just said a short, very undetailed description of here then when Lei continued to ask she'd always answer with that she'd find out on her own, or that someone else would explain things to her better. But she didn't even know who to ask. She was a friendly girl but she knew nothing about these people! It wasn't like her to go straight up and ask for help. It used to be like her but the kids at her school definetly changed her look on other people. With that the twist inside her got deeper. What if the people were mean here too!?
    Lei swallowed hard, gulping. She loosly crossed her arms over her stomach in a nervous way as she began walking. She hadn't brought anything with her so she was empty handed. When her travel companion first said 'follow me', there had been no time to pack. To say goodbyes. None of that. The woman had whisked her off into the night. Or daylight since it was only the afternoon.

    She had thought that she was dreaming for the past few days, but she knew otherwise. She wished it were a dream though. It felt like one. Monsters. Demigods. Gods! She felt like she was inside a movie. But this was real, and it had her terrified.

    Lei slipped past a few kids as she walked, kind of just wandering, warily checking the place out. She looked at the cabins around, wondering if she should just go into one.

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