Welcome to Mount Olympus, just recently the gods have decided to train some of their children up here, and you are one of them.

    When I Meet God, I Will Have a Question...I Just Forgot My Question [Oh Pin]

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    When I Meet God, I Will Have a Question...I Just Forgot My Question [Oh Pin]

    Post  Christiana LeFay on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:09 pm

    Christiana stepped out of her cabin, surveying the beauty of Mount Olympus surrounding her. Despite having lived on the 600th floor for several months now, she still wasn’t used to it. She didn’t think she ever would be. She had been brought to Camp Half-Blood when she was eleven, and that in itself had been one amazing adventure. She had learned at camp that the gods were supposed to claim all their children by the time they were thirteen, but even when she arrived, there were a few kids over thirteen who still hadn’t been claimed yet. That didn’t bother Christiana too much. Of course, she wanted to know who one of her biological parents was so she might be able to get some of her questions answered, but at the same time, she didn’t want to know who her mother or father was. As far as she was concerned, the woman who had raised her was her mother in all aspects, blood relation or no.

    So when Christiana’s thirteenth birthday came and went with no sign of a godly parent, she was both disappointed and relieved. She had always been fiercely loyal to her family and friends, and she knew that she would immediately forgive her birth parent for not raising her. She just wasn’t sure if she was ready to introduce a father or second mother into her life. Christiana definitely loved adventure, she was just slightly wary of an adventure that involved a parent she had never known but had likely been watching her through her entire life. Time progressed passed her birthday, though, her fourteenth slowly arrived, and life at camp went on as was normal. Christiana threw herself into the frenzy of Capture the Flag games, introducing new demigods to camp, and exploring the woods. She forgot about a godly parent completely, having become so involved in the excitement of daily life.

    Surprisingly, the thought never came back when Chiron and Mr. D announced that the gods had agreed to train some of their children directly on Mount Olympus. Christiana was the first to jump at the opportunity, realizing a move to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building would be the ultimate adventure. Sure, Camp Half-Blood had been amazing, but to live and train among the most powerful and influential beings in history? Nothing could beat that. Christiana had never been to Olympus before, and she was excited to explore the famed home of the gods. Of course, she knew she’d have to be careful poking around up there. Some gods probably wouldn’t like it much if she stuck her nose somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be. Still, she couldn’t wait to be among the stars.

    The day finally came, and a small group of demigods made their way to Manhattan, courtesy of Argus. Some whispered along the way about the potential to become immortal if they constantly lived among them, but Christiana knew she would turn it down if it was offered. It was strange to think about as someone who was only fifteen, but to the young demigod, death was but another great adventure. Life in the Underworld came after this one, and who knew what could happen there? The girl had heard of demigods travelling to the Underworld before and coming back, but she didn’t think it would be the same going there if you weren’t dead. Besides, how many people could say they had truly experienced the mortal world, the world of the gods, and the Underworld?

    Christiana sighed, shaking her head to bring herself back to the present. She glanced at the Hermes cabin behind her, taking in all its grandeur. It still wasn’t quite as beautiful as, say, Artemis’s cabin, but compared to the Hermes cabin back at camp, the one on Olympus was a palace. The aura provided by the home of the gods simply made everything ten times more beautiful than it was, but even without that, Hermes’s cabin was still beautiful. It was much more spacious, too, and Christiana appreciated that fact. She had been in the cabin for nearly four years at camp, so she knew how crowded it could be. As a people person, the girl didn’t mind too much, but she still appreciated a little personal space every now and again.

    Smiling, she set off across the mountain, shoving her hands in the pocket on her purple NYU sweatshirt. Peering down, she watched business men and women bustle around the streets for a few moments as she walked. The scene was familiar to her from long before camp. How many times had she and her mother pushed through those crowds, hands clasped tight to avoid losing one another? It was amazing more people didn’t get trampled to death. Returning her gaze to Olympus, Christiana continued to wander with no set destination in mind. She hoped to run into another demigod to accompany her on her wanderings, but if she didn’t find anybody, she was sure she could still find something new and amazing.
    Lysander Davis
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    Re: When I Meet God, I Will Have a Question...I Just Forgot My Question [Oh Pin]

    Post  Lysander Davis on Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:15 am

    Lys had been up on Olympus for a few days now, and every day, he had been in the arena, training. He was a son of Ares, after all, and there wasn't really much else for him to do as the daily activity. The Ares kids had a bed rep, and because of that, Lys hadn't been able to into the forges and learn how to make weapons, because the Hephaestians didn't want anything to do with Ares anywhere near them. Lys could understand this, what with their dad's wife, Aphrodite, cheating on him with Lys's dad, Ares. It wasn't something lys was proud of. So he'd tried to join the Apollo kids playing basketball, but they wouldn't let him because everyone knew all Ares kids played dirty, and he wasn't welcome to join the music making because everyone knew the only music Ares kids knew was war chants. The Demeter kids wouldn't let him into the field to do some planting, because everyone knew Ares kids were all about taking away life, not nurturing it and helping it grow. For the first time since he had found out he was a half blood, he understood why Ares kids felt so bitter and acted like they did. No one wanted them, because of who their dad was. They turned to bullying, just so people would be around them, so they felt like they had some power over something at camp. Lys wasn't like that though. He wouldn't bully. He would show to everyone that just because he was an Ares kid, he wasn't a brainless oaf, he wasn't a violent person.

    But because no one let him anywhere near them when they were doing their activities, Lys was stuck training. He thought that rowing a boat on the little lake that was up here on Olympus could probably count as that, and he couldn't possibly harm someone doing that, but the water nymphs seemed to have something against Ares and pushed the boat over, tipping Lys out into the water. He was glad he didn't go around wearing armour like the Ares kids at camp, otherwise it would have weighed him down and he would have drowned. So the lake was another place he wasn't welcome. Which meant Lys had to stick to the arena, the climbing wall, and the woods. But he wanted to train and get as good with the weapons as he could before he even thought of going into the woods to hunt down some monsters. Of course, with his dad been the god of war, Lys found he was already an expert with every weapon he tried, so he didn't really need to train much with them. But he still did, because it was all he had to do. It seemed that he saw in his mind's eye what to do with the weapons, and all he had to do was follow what he saw.

    Now, he was done with training for the day. He grabbed a towel he had brought with him and wiped the sweat off his face. He had been training hard, no one could argue with that... but he still felt full of energy, like he could run a marathon. And actually run it, not jog. He found it hard to keep still, thanks to his ADHD, and while this mi9ght help in fight, he could never just sit down and relax, because he could never stay comfy in one position for too long. He just needed to find something to do with the rest of the day. Through his training, he'd gone through nearly every type of weapon camp had, looking for one that would be a challenge to learn, but they had all been so easy to use. Still, he did have his favourite weapons set. The dagger given to him by his father, and the sword he had had before even coming to camp, that had also been his father's. They worked well together, dagger in one hand and sword in the other.

    Like at camp, the weather on Olympus was whatever the gods wanted it to be, which was always warm and sunny. The weather seemed to go in weird patches up here though... while it was sunny nearly everywhere, there would be a big black cloud over Demeter's fields, pouring rain down on the plants. But that was one of the only places it really rained. Lys was boiling after his training, and it probably didn't help that he was wearing a black tshirt and black tracksuit bottoms. His clothes had dried quickly after been tipped into the lake, but now they were soaked again, from Lys's day of endless training. He wanted to do something else other than train, but until he'd proved he wasn't like other Ares kids, he'd have to be content with it.

    Lys went back to his cabin, had a quick cold shower to cool him down and rinse the sweat off his body, put some clean clothes on (another black tshirt and a pair of jeans). and set off walking round camp, lost in thought. He was so zoned out that he didn't see the other demigod walking in his direction and walked into her.

    "Oh, sorry!" He said, as he bumped off her. Looking at her, he saw that she had red hair, alabaster skin, no freckles, and that the girl was quite good looking. He also noticed the scarred face and the glass eye, but that didn't freak him out. Battle scars, that what he thought. It showed she'd got into a nasty situation, but had come through. Lys had a fair few scars himself, though luckily none on his face. His chest, however, was another matter. He had a claw mark that ran down from his left shoulder the the right hand side of his waist, where a hellhound had tried to slice him in half. On his left side was a round scar where he'd been spiked by the minotaur's horn when it charged him. He'd managed to survive the hellhound attack, thanks to the Apollo kid that was in the group of demigods he'd been travelling to camp with, but he hadn't been so lucky wit hthe minotaur. He had died then, but instead of appearing in the underworld like a normal person or demigod would, he ended up... somewhere else. Three women were there, and Lys somehow knew they were the Fates. They'd told him that bnow wasn't his time to die. They'd told him to wake up, and callled him their champion. That had been the first time they had talked to him. Every now and then, he'd hear a whispering sound in his ear, like the wind rustling leaves in the autumn, and hear the voice of the Fates in it, always alerting him to some danger that would have killed him if he hadn't known. Usually, it was a monster trying to sneak up on him, but once it had been a pit in the woods with spikes in the bottom that had been covered up. He'd been lucky the Fates had warned him abou tthat, because he didn't feel like becoming a pincushion. They ahdn't talked to him in a while now, though, so everything must have been going well. He still didn't understand what they had meant by calling him their champion though. Shaking himself out of his thoughts, silently cursing this effect of his ADHD,he focused back on the girl.

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